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The Downtown Wellness Berks Mission

Who we are:

A network of health-conscious professionals and individuals working together to increase the well-being and quality of life in our community.

Our Goal:

To promote and expand awareness and increase access to the wide variety of wellness services and products available in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

About us:

We believe in an approach to wellness that is:

  • lifestyle-based - striving to become and remain “healthy” is a way of living, a personal philosophy, a set of conscious habits and choices that support everyday vitality and longevity

  • holistic - consideration of the whole individual — body, mind, spirit, and emotions; taking many different facets of health & well-being into account

  • natural - existing in or formed by nature (whole, pure, real, authentic, working with nature as opposed to artificial, synthetic, toxic, overly-processed)

  • integrative - utilizing many diverse methods simultaneously to: maintain optimal health, heal, & prevent sickness & disease

Pillars of the Downtown Wellness Berks Pledge:

Participants of DWB represent a set of values - a certain level of quality, care, and consciousness. Companies, organizations, or individuals who share this particular type of philosophy and method of doing business may display the following as a sign of their pledge.

DWB Tagline Logo_Sept2018.JPG

Affiliates of the Downtown Wellness Berks program pledge to:

  • Raise Resource Awareness

    • help to inform others of the many diverse and complementary paths to Natural wellness available to them in Berks County

  • Maintain Transparency & Integrity

    • provide unrestricted access and honest information about services and products being provided

  • Build Community

    • foster meaningful and fulfilling relationships and connections in our immediate neighborhoods and beyond

  • Increase Collaborative Outreach

    • Lead by example and facilitate opportunities to work together, combine resources, share ideas, and spread the idea of a healthier way of living

  • Encourage Personal Empowerment

    • Remind and inspire each other and members of our community to be active participants in improving the quality of their own lives

COMING in 2019…

  • Informative and engaging events to raise awareness about all things health & wellness in Berks

  • The DWB Blog

Stay tuned…

Areas of Wellness & Healthy Lifestyle

Eat Well



Organic vegetables and Fruits

High Quality meat and dairy

Move Well

Fitness & Exercise

Healthy Movement



Restorative Yoga


Heal Well

Healing through Nutrition

Dietary Advice


Certified Health Coaches




Massage Therapists

Integrative Mental Health Professionals

Counselors and Therapists

Live Well

Services and resources to maintain a healthier, cleaner, greener day-to-day.

Shop Well

Retail Stores that encourage & promote healthy lifestyle, with knowledgeable staff providing helpful, informed guidance to customers.


Additional Resources


Support Groups

The concept of total wellness recognizes that our every thought, word, and behavior affects our greater health and well-being. And we, in turn, are affected not only emotionally but also physically and spiritually.
— Greg Anderson