Downtown Wellness Berks
Eat Well • Move Well • Heal Well • Live Well • Shop Well

Affiliate Pledge

 Affiliates of the Downtown Wellness Berks program pledge to:

  • Raise Resource Awareness

    • help to inform others of the many diverse and complementary paths to Natural wellness available to them in Berks County

  • Maintain Transparency & Integrity

    • provide unrestricted access and honest information about services and products being provided

  • Build Community

    • foster meaningful and fulfilling relationships and connections in our immediate neighborhoods and beyond

  • Increase Collaborative Outreach

    • Lead by example and facilitate opportunities to work together, combine resources, share ideas, and spread the idea of a healthier way of living

  • Encourage Personal Empowerment

    • Remind and inspire each other and members of our community to be active participants in improving the quality of their own lives